News about Kosran’s Product Launches at INTERMAT 2012





Immobilisation | Safety | Tracking & Reporting Systems.



Kosran engineering provides Contractors, Rental-Hire Companies and their OEM manufacturer suppliers with secure and safe machines and reduces their daily operating cost. We provide stand alone or integrated solutions in 3 product areas:





1. Anti-Theft Electromechanical Immobilisation:  

No Kosran secured machines has been bypassed and stolen in 2011, 2010, 2009 etc 


2. Safety: 

Authorised Users Only, user data is logged and retrievable.  


3. Tracking & Reporting Green Footprint: 

With Kosran you are in 24/7 remote control of your fleet. From the plant managers’ desk by pc, sms text or iPhone app, he can immobilise, delete/add PIN Codes, track, trace, view operator/machine hours idle/worked, service/audit his safe and secure fleet across multiple territories globally. The human interface is a Keypad with PIN Code or/and Dallas Reader & iButton FoB and by Smart Card from September 2012.


TWO New Product Launches at INTERMAT 2012.   



1. Telematic Converter Module for  

     every Tracking System:

This new product integrates every Tracking & Telematic System with the Kosran Immobilisation & Safety system in a wholly secure way.


Many Tracking, OEM Manufacturer, Rental & Contractor companies ‘may’ have their own favourite tracking system – that they would like to add-on a ‘fit for purpose’ Immobilisation & Safety system to; and also provide them with remote control of their fleet globally from the plant managers desk.   


Interested? We are ready to supply. 



2. The New Kosran Tracking & Reporting System 

      (with iPhone, android etc app)  


We now think we have got the best Tracking & Reporting Machine Utilisation system on the planet.

We have seen everyone else’s telematics and so we have been working on ours.

The product includes a global roaming SIM Card, real time tracking with extensive map menu, access to service menu, locate each machine separately, access to ID management and remote control, shut-down, geo-fence alarm plus the functional industry friendly machine reports you need, all presented in a superior format you have not experienced before.  


Interested? We are ready to supply. 



OEM-Manufacturers - What are your plans to provide the industry with safe and secure machines?




1 Billion €uro is the ERA estimate of the value of construction plant stolen in the EU every year.


Your Contractor & Hire Company customers are funding these losses.


UK statistics confirm that plant worth more than €120 million is stolen in the UK every year.

UK Police recover just 0.9% and Tracker After-Theft Recovery Systems recover 7% - so they are not part of the solution to plant theft.


Kosran forecast that EU Directive 95/56 for passenger car immobilisation will be extended and mandated on all plant sold in the EU by 2014.


Kosran has no comparative competitor.





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