Thieves Return for JCB Backhoe Loader & Fail Again


previously reported on the 7th February last by Glen Crowther Fleet Officer at the CEMEX Castleford Depot in West Yorkshire WF1 2LA, a JCB Backhoe Loader valued at £48,000 was attacked by thieves who

failed to steal the machine.

Only two weeks previously CEMEX had commenced installing the Kosran ECV Immobilisation Tracking System on their fleet and this was one of the first machines to be secured.

But this all adds up. Insurance & Police PANIU Statistics published for the period Oct 08 – Sept 09 stated that the JCB Backhoe Loader is the most stolen machine in the UK.

Wait for it - on 23rd May the thieves returned again to Glen Crowther’s CEMEX depot and tried again to steal the same machine serial number 328999/fleet number B019 without success.

Kosran predict that the thieves will not return to this depot. The Kosran ECV integrated Security, Safety & Asset Management ECV System pays for itself in 40 days and then makes you money – we can assume

CEMEX agree!

Ask FM Conway, they have been using Kosran for four years and have never had a machine stolen.

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