Kosran believes the industry must invest in 21st-Century technology …

The global powered access industry is in agreement that death and serious injuries at work are at an unacceptable level.

The industry has a window of opportunity to put itself in order or be regulated e.g. EU Standard EN280:2013. (EU Law from 1.1.2015 prohibits MEWPs with extended platforms to be driven on slopes where there is potential to overturn).

This may present a challenge for some companies.

Lucy Gaffney CEO of Communicorp recently said
“daring to innovate, create, change and stay relevant is what separates good companies from brilliant companies”. The industry now needs some brilliant early adopter companies to embrace this available technology offer.


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Kosran will shortly announce the availability of our new innovative next generation game-changing technology ‘Site Safety System’
The system incorporates all the features and benefits of the fit for purpose technologies we have already brought to market.  This includes our ECV-Electronic Coded Valve© diesel plant anti-theft immobilisation system; our Telematic Converter; and our SAC-Safe Access Control system developed for electrical powered access equipment.
Please read our customer testimonials of our success.
Nobody wants the current loss of life and serious injuries on UK and global sites to continue - Everyone wants a solution. 

This game changing technology provides the minimum basic site-safety fundamentals required to deliver change.

“Keep Your Operators Safe”
The overall aim of our research and development programme has been to anticipate every industry requirement and to use innovative technology to deliver solutions for safer sites, safer workers, less fatalities, less serious injuries, less downtime, greater productivity and profitability. Industry committees have done great work and provided a continuous comprehensive and complete flow of safety advice and pamphlets. Kosran has taken every detail on board and incorporated them within our 21st-century technology system which implements our industry committee objectives.
Price: A Key objective achieved is that the system will be available at a ‘game-changing’ price
Sharing innovation: Our Sales Plan is to share our innovations with the wider global industry via technology transfer.
Benefits of technology transfer of this niche technology for OEM Manufacturers & First Tier Suppliers:
1.      License a comprehensive specialist engineering solution
2.      Get to market swiftly, with new competitiveness & differentiation
3.      No upfront cost and avoid protracted niche, non-core R&D programmes
4.      Earn early new product margin in return for a royalty payment
5.      WIN opportunity to rebrand the technology and
         win international awards and sales
6.      Kosran has no comparative competitor, you will be in the ‘front’.

Kosran has the design engineering support structure in place to deliver and support this package.
The system benefits from our 25 year experience and innovative success in construction, agri and access industries.
This is our niche area of expertise, we have proven our concepts, we have no comparative innovative competitor.
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Professor Thomas Brazil MIEEE Chief Technical Officer & Patrick Sheeran MRICS are supported by their long standing Irish Engineering Partner, a progressive automotive research, development and productionisation company, who work with market leaders across the globe.


They provide services which include custom integration of the new Kosran technology to our Licensees machines, systems, traditional loom and CANBus protocols; and manage the transfer of the technology to your factory or introduce an alternative supplier. 



The next generation ‘Site Safety System’ from Kosran has anticipated and exceeds the minimum standard of the UKCG (UK Contractors Group) as provided in their 'Good Practice Toolkit'. The UKCG is the primary Association for Contractors operating in the UK. UKCG members turnover £33bn, and account for a third of UK construction output. www.ukcg.org.uk


Patrick Sheeran is a graduate of Blackrock College and the Dublin Institute of Technology. He is a Chartered Surveyor with a long history of entrepreneurship and innovation, for taking new ‘fit for purpose’ meaningful engineering systems that save life and limbs, and protect property and enhance profitability to market. To contact Patrick Sheeran directly Call Dublin, Ireland 00353 86 2343 666 E: patricksheeran@kosran.com




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mr takeuchu

Kosran partners with Takeuchi Machines.
Mr. Takeuchi and Mr. Patrick Sheeran, ITO san
and Mr. Smyth at INTERMAT 2006


mr takeuchu