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Plant Theft is a Global Epidemic but the solutions exists:

€1 Billion worth of plant is stolen in the EU every year according to the European Rental Association (ERA).
Over €0.5 Billion worth of plant has been stolen in the UK over the past 5 years - 8.7% has been recovered.

In the year Oct 2012-Sept 2013, 3,658 UK plant thefts were ‘reported to the police’ with an average machine value of £25k being c.£90m. Predominantly the cost of plant theft is paid from ‘the bottom line’ of Contractors and cost them £450,000,000.00 – almost half a billion £’s, over the past five years.


Plant Theft in the EU will be reduced by 80% + when the passenger car security Directive EU 95/56 is extended to Construction Plant Equipment
Since 1998, the Anti-Theft Security EU Directive 95/56 has mandated that every passenger car must be supplied with a factory fitted immobilisation system before it can be registered for sales in the EU. The Directive has reduced car theft by almost 80%. The extension of the Directive to Construction Plant and the mandating of 21st Century ‘fit for purpose’ technology, which is available, will reduce plant theft by 80% plus.

UK Police recover c.0.9% of stolen plant.

European Police forces are obliged to operate with ever decreasing budgets and ever increasing responsibilities. The scale of Plant theft is simply not justified in earning a place on their ‘top 10-20 ‘ list of priorities. However with the police recovery rate of stolen plant at c.0.9% it is also clear that the police have no significant role to play and are not part of the solution to stopping the theft of construction plant equipment.

The industry needs to re-focus and invest in the 21st Century anti-theft Smart technology which controls ‘Man & Machine’ and is available and proven to stop un-authorised machine use and theft.


Plant Security, Man & Machine Safety  - A Watershed Opportunity with Kosran next generation technology:

MEWP Industry Safety Initiatives for the prevention of loss of life and limb and ‘Safe Working at Height’ is a fundamentally more serious issue than plant theft, in a civilised society. It requires the young global Powered Access Industry to focus its resources on a strategy of investing in the 21st Century technology which is available, proven and specifically designed to stop unauthorised machine use and to Stop Fatalities, rather than on industry public relations and lobbying.


Troubleshoot – what you need to know about plant theft.

Plant thieves do not joy-ride the machines

They steal them to order (and for export) for money

Left or right hand drive is not an issue

Most plant is yellow

Stolen plant is easy to sell because - Price is King

Demand from boom time territories and inability of factories to supply new machines further fuels supply, demand and movement of stolen plant.

Plant thieves are 100% organised professional criminals

Professional thieves will hot-wire every electric immobiliser in less than 90 seconds

UK Insurance Underwriters want to stop plant theft but are prohibited from selling insurance which must be done by Brokers.

Insurance discounts for security systems means less commission for a Broker.

Security systems need to be universally factory installed on every machine same as cars, this will deliver a level playing field for Brokers.


Only a 100% professional engineered Smart anti-theft system will stop unauthorised use and deter 100% professional criminals stealing plant. No machine secured with the Kosran SAC-Electronic Coded Valve system has been bypassed and stolen in over 5 years. See our testimonials »

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Bad business is hiring plant which exposes you to claims

Let’s have some service , and Fit 4 Purpose plant available for hire. You are the Contractor, the ultimate customer of the Hire Company, you have rights too - and “it’s the Law”. Under the New Corporate Manslaughter Act & Health & Safety CD&M Regulations 2007, both you and your company have serious legal obligations. Hiring un-secured plant which exposes you to fatalities, accidents, theft, downtime, hassle, freebies, damage and repairs, insurance claims and the rest, does not make any sense anymore, its time for change. Demand Kosran and leave the claims exposure and hassle behind.

Patrick Sheeran MRICS Kosran.

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Mr. Patrick Sheeran MRICS,
Founder & CEO - Kosran SAC limited

Fight back – it’s time for change, customers have rights too.

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