Health and Safety


SACS - Safety Access Control System.

Powered Access Equipment. Specifically designed to regulate usage, enhance control & limit your liability.

  • ACCESS only authorised & qualified personnel operate your access equipment - no unauthorised use.
  • CONTROL you decide by whom, when and where your machines are worked – no exceptions, no uncontrolled use including third party contractors with
    generic keys.
  • NO EXPOSURE to damage and repair or third party liability claims from out of hours or weekend freebie unauthorised working of your machines.
  • FLEXIBILITY by digital Keypad PIN Code Controls via sms text or internet pay as you go billing, from the comfort of your office. You regulate the usage, reduce your costs and improve your profits.
  • PAY BACK You regulate the usage, reduce your costs and improve your profits.
  • DUTY OF CARE OBLIGATIONS the Kosran SACS allows you to meet your obligations
    under the 2007 Health & Safety CD&M Regulations & under the Corporate Manslaughter Act.


Access Equipment Safety

  • Is your access equipment being moved when it should not be?
  • By people who should not be operating it ?
  • Is your access equipment doing week-end nixers?
  • These people are a danger to themselves and could lose their head. But they are your responsibility.
  • Are you meeting your responsibilities under the UK Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007
  • Access-Kosran can provide a complete solution including remote access control. When Kosran electro-mechanically shuts down a machine, it stays shut-down.

Let safety take priorty & avoid that fatality











52 deaths in 12
Months To April 2009

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Tracker systems will not stop the un-authorised use of machines.