Benefits & Features



Income Productivity

1. Earn weekend rental or remotely shut-down ECV® secured plant and access equipment at random or set times by a simple mobile phone or PC procedure.


2. A Keypad PIN Valet Mode procedure allows you to charge €10 per week for ECV® activation or the machine will be hired out un-secured.


3. Charge a 10% increment on rental and give a theft waiver - this is proven profitable. No Kosran ECV secured machine has ever been bypassed.


4. Bogus firms can be out-smarted with the ECV comms system which globally tracks & monitors 24/7. If the machines are not being worked during the first days of hire or are in the wrong location then instantly immobilise and investigate.

5. Deliver and collect machines at your convenience and remotely immobilise them until hire period begins or upon notification of off-hire; then relocate to the next nearest job.


6. With our service alert facility – you know the exact hours your machines have worked; and you only service them and sell them based on the hours worked and not on the age of the machine.


7. Your engineers and drivers have their own personal 24/7 Keypad PIN Code to service, access or recover your plant.


8. Your customers are now an insurable risk and you avoid residual disputes.


9. Kosran is a better investment than having machines painted in your company colours and repainted before disposal.


10. Price: The cost of a bucket, for improved productivity and profits.



  • Every plant theft costs Contractors £7.5k / €9k from disruption & to business; downtime & idle crew; crosshire & residual loss.
  • Your customers are an in-surable risk with Kosran and you avoid residual disputes.
  • Kosran contains Contractors risk exposure to un-authorised use claims.
  • You will avoid exclusion from sites & contracts.



  • Our ECV® - Electronic Coded Valve® shuts-off the diesel fuel supply and locks the hydraulics.
  • The deterrent sets automatically every time you switch the engine off.
  • Control your fleet by remotely immobilising your plant via computer or mobile phone procedure at random or set times e.g. weekends.
  • Our service alert facility knows the hours your machines have worked and you only service them and sell them based on hours worked and not the machines age.
  • We track & locate - the nearest available machine to the next job, not the furthest.
  • Your engineers and drivers have personal Keypad PIN codes to access or recover plant 24/7.
  • You are an insurable risk with Kosran and avoid residual disputes.
  • For the thief - Kosran is just too much hassle to bypass, requires too much equipment and expertise and takes too long to steal. It’s easier to steal someone elses machine.


Additional Features & Benefits for Rental Hire Companies

(excluding standard asset management facilities provided)


  • On large projects, the main contractor can now hire in all rental equipment from a single rental company; control and invoice each sub-contractor as per their usage. (This is happening on the Dubai Airport Contract with our customer Rapid Access U.A.E.).
    Bonus: The product also prevents other sub-contractors on site from 'helping themselves and working' the main contractor's equipment which you have rented to him. This prevents downtime and hassle - can't find machine; no fuel left in machine; no battery life; machine damage.
  • Deliver equipment to site when it is convenient for your transport schedule, immobilise until contract starts, then by remote control activate when hire begins.
  • Remotely shut-down at conclusion of hire until it is convenient for your transport to collect... or extend hire period...
  • Stop machines working weekend's rental free which includes the cost of damage, repair and weekend abuse.
  • When you remotely shut-down and immobilise Kosran ECV® recured plant - it won't be hot-wired, it stays shut-down.
  • Machines NOT being worked? Stop waste - know which depot they are at and how long they have been idle.

  • Improved machine utilisation means you only buy the machines you need.
  • FM Conway-UK Top 10 Utilities Contractor. Anti-Theft Deterrent: "We have been using the Kosran ECV® for over 5 years. It has proven reliable and effective and we have never had a machine with Kosran fitted stolen. We have recently upgraded to the Electromechanical Immobilisation Tracker which enables FM Conway to remotely control our machine PIN Codes, monitor usage and track and locate machinery"
    - Ian Gay Plant Director
  • M. O'Brien Plant Hire, England. "Our customers already specify Kosran on our Hitachi Rental Fleet. I forecast that Kosran will be the UK Industry standard specified by Contractors within the next two years".
    - Michael O'Brien
  • Safety: "The system can prevent untrained or unauthorized operators or even juveniles from operating equipment and causing personal or third party damage, serious injuries and consequential losses on sites".
    - Mick Ledden MD Lavendon Group plc
  • Hassle Free Contract Hire & Total User Accountability: You know the PIN Code identities of whom, when, where and hours worked / NOT worked by operators including those hours outside of the agreed rental period.



keypadAnother global 1st from Kosran... New ECV Comms Keypad system that integrates machine telematics/asset management with its immobilisation system.





No Keys. It operates by Keypad PIN Code for fl eets and by FoB for smaller operators. The fl exible 22 PIN code facility allows every code to be changed or deleted.






If it isn’t electro-mechanical immobilisation it won’t stop un-authorised use or stop your plant being stolen.




Thieves fail against Kosran electro-mechanical system again.