The Kosran SAC Comms Keypad System will increase revenues, improve utilisation, reduce maintenance costs, gain operational efficiencies, decrease un-authorised use. Kosran is not a cost, it is a benefit.


  • Our SAC® - Electronic Coded Valve® shuts-off the diesel fuel supply and locks the hydraulics.
  • The deterrent sets automatically every time you switch the engine off.
  • Control your fleet by remotely immobilising your plant via computer or mobile phone procedure at random or set times e.g. weekends.
  • Our service alert facility knows the hours your machines have worked and you only service them and sell them based on hours worked and not the machines age.
  • We track & locate - the nearest available machine to the next job, not the furthest.
  • Your engineers and drivers have personal Keypad PIN codes to access or recover plant 24/7.
  • You are an insurable risk with Kosran and avoid residual disputes.
  • For the thief - Kosran is just too much hassle to bypass, requires too much equipment and expertise and takes too long to steal. It’s easier to steal someone elses machine.


15,000 Kosran secured machines are available for hire throughout the UK from over 100 hire companies call 0870 787 5687 for your nearest hire depot.