Unauthorised Use

We stop anyone without training, competence or authorisation, juvenile, thief, employee or idiot from using your equipment and causing fatalities, malicious or personal injuries or 3rd party damage to property or infrastructure e.g. overhead cables.




A plant spends £500,000 on enigma tracker & still needs kosran secured selwood machine to protect its kit. Less than 5% of machines stolen are recovered.


"Tracker systems will not stop unauthorized use of machines or your exposure to health & safety claims.







Free Kosran Database Registration

  • During installation we fix anti-tamper labels with UPN unique part numbers in inaccessible locations on the machine.
  • We record this information on the installation certificate and on our database.
  • This comprehensive document is a complete record of your machines identity.
  • If your Kosran secured machine is stolen which it won't be... and is recovered by the Police... Kosran ID Registration & Database will assist the Police to validate you as the true owner.


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